Body By Boris Open House Speech

AJ Speaking at Body By BorisToday, I joined my friends at the Body By Boris Open House and it was pretty awesome to see a ton of new faces and people curious about what all the excitement is about. I love talking to people about their goals and trying to provide any support I can. It was also pretty cool as I had the opportunity to share my journey a little bit, for the first time in public, and also share my experience with Body By Boris.

I won’t lie, talking to a small group of people about my past is something I’ve grown more comfortable with. However, I definitely felt some anxiety come on when I was front and center. It’s something I look forward to practicing more.

After the speech, a couple people pulled me aside and told me how my talk was inspirational. Some even told me about their past addiction run-ins. So, even though the three minutes I spoke for were pretty nerve racking, it was all worth it as I know for certain it impacted a few people… and that’s all that matters! I also made some great connections that will hopefully give me more opportunities to reach out to people and help them level up their lives!

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the video: (PS: I’m sorry for the poor angle, as said this was the first time doing this!)