Reviewing My First Triathlon: Siesta Beach

Next Phase of My Journey: Triathlons

Siesta Beach TriathlonOver the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about how I can “level up” my training and continue to grow my personal community. Additionally, I wanted to figure out how I can raise awareness of what I’m trying to do with Get Leveled Up and tell my story to hopefully encourage other people to find ways to have fun, yet challenge themselves to improve their lives. So, I’ve decided to take on triathlons, with my first being the Siesta Beach Sprint Triathlon on August 2. To help me along, I’ve also joined the Gainesville Tri-Club and have been doing some training with members of Body By Boris. Before we get into the training, let’s break down the types of triathlons: From Wikipedia:

Triathlon races vary in distance. According to the International Triathlon Union, and USA Triathlon, the main international race distances are:

  1. Sprint Distance; 750-meter (0.47-mile) swim, 20-kilometer (12-mile) bike, 5-kilometer (3.1-mile) run
  2. Intermediate (or Standard) distance; commonly referred to as the “Olympic distance”: 1.5-kilometer (0.93-mile) swim, 40-kilometer (25-mile) bike, 10-kilometer (6.2-mile) run
  3. Long Course; commonly referred to as 70.3 (total distance in miles, equivalent to 113.1 km) or the ‘half-Ironman’; 1.9-kilometer (1.2-mile) swim, 90-kilometer (56-mile) bike, and a 21.1-kilometer (13.1-mile) run (half marathon)
  4. Ultra Distance; commonly referred to as 140.6 (total distance in miles, equivalent to 226.2 km) or the ‘Ironman’; 3.8-kilometer (2.4-mile) swim, 180.2-kilometer (112.0-mile) bike, and a 42.2-kilometer (26.2-mile) run (full marathon)

Cat SwimmingEven then, there are some variations depending on the event. For example, the Siesta Beach Sprint Triathlon that I’m participating in is a .25mi swim, 12.4mi bike ride, and a 3.1mi run. Currently, I run approximately 9:30 mile, bike about 4 minutes a mile (on a mountain bike), but haven’t done much swim training until recently where I did a .25m swim in 9:30 (example of my swimming technique on the right, just kidding! I am studying videos on YouTube for total immersion swimming and plan on taking some classes at Sun Country Sports Center). After the Siesta Beach Triathlon and over the next year, I plan on participating in at least four Sprint Triathlons, building up to Olympic Triathlons and then Half Ironmans. I personally think it would be awesome to be able to participate in next year’s Miami Half Ironman as the majority of my family lives in South Florida.

Currently, I’m training by doing workouts at Body By Boris, but also incorporating 1hr of swimming 1-2x a week, biking 15-20 miles, and then running 3 miles 1-2x a week. On Sundays, I usually participate in an hour of stadiums which usually incorporates sprinting up ramps, Gator Mountains (running up the bleachers and walking back down the stairs), and more cross training. Throughout the day, I usually try and dedicate at least 30 minutes of mobility (stretching, foam rolling, etc).